Chicago Artist Hebru Brantley Opens An Immersive Art Exhibit

Hebru Brantley has had a sweeping career in the art industry. The Clark-Atlanta Alumna has built an aesthetic around conceptualized characters. For Brantley’s next project, he has introduced Nevermore Park – a 6,000 square foot immersive art experience. Powered by the creative direction of the Chicago native, the installation explores the fictional world of Brantley’s iconic characters, Flyboy and Lil Mama.

The Nevermore installation focuses on black youth and the racial and generational boundaries that come with being apart of the community. “I want to tell our stories,” Brantley told ESSENCE. Throughout the exhibit, visitors will be taken on a choose your own adventure with each person experiencing a personal journey of “Nevermore.”

ESSENCE got a chance to chat with Brantley about his latest project, read below.

ESSENCE: Who is the flyboy in 2019? Do you feel like this is the same character that it was when you originated it?

Brantley: Characters just like people evolve. The 2019 version is a far clearer version but the evolution never stops.

ESSENCE: What has kept you in Chicago?

Brantley: My love for the city and the scene that is constantly being cultivated by the talented individuals that stay.

ESSENCE: How did you decide on the concept of Nevermore?

Brantley: Nevermore Park is the origin story of Flyboy and Lil Mama. It has lived in various mediums but it was important for me to be able to give people a chance to immerse themselves into this world. To allow them to really be a part of this story in a way that they could never have imagined. It is a way for people to participate in the art. To not just look but to touch and engage in a whole new way.

ESSENCE: What is one take away that you want a guest to walk away with when leaving the exhibition?

Brantley: I want guests to leave Nevermore Park having experienced art in a completely new way.

Scheduled to open today, Nevermore Park will run until December 1st. Tickets are priced at $28 and can be purchased, here.


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