ICYMI: The Inaugural ENVSN Festival Set The Stage For Empowering Conversation, Performances AND Fashion!

Natasha Tendai

The ladies of ENVSN Fest came to slay!
Jazmin Brooks Oct, 24, 2018

Hundreds gathered in Brooklyn, New York this past weekend to be empowered and motivated at the first-ever ENVSN Festival.

A diverse crowd sought panel discussions and workshops to better verse themselves on a wide array of topics, including finances, mental health, inclusivity, and much more. Also, some of the brightest young voices in music today lit up the stage with performances that had everyone talking.

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But that’s not all they were there for — they also came to slay.

Keep scrolling to check out a few of the fashion-forward visionaries that caught our eye. Trust us, they’re bound to have you “envisioning” your next outfit!