Are Crocs Back In Style? The Fashion Industry Says Yes
Courtesy of Crocs

At one point in time Crocs were distinctively known for the comfort that they offered. In other words, style was clearly not the priority when purchasing a pair of Crocs. The nurses and doctors of the world embraced the clogs as being their go-to work shoe, with the tempurpedic-like form being almost therapeutic for the foot. The considerate, lightweight design, which consists of a pivotable heel strap to secure the foot in place, easy-slip access, and water-friendly materials, it’s almost like the shoe is what sweatpants are to the legs — but for our feet and better. 

Today, however, Crocs have proven that their footwear can offer comfort and style. There’s been an influx of the shoes spotted on the fashionistas and stylish celebrities of Instagram, driving demand higher and higher. Nicki Minaj was most recently seen on her profile sporting a pair of pink clogs jeweled with a metallic, Chanel brooch and other metallic charms. What made the post particularly special is that it marked Minaj’s return to the social media platform, and was the first teaser for the re-release of one of her classic mixtapes, Beam Me Up Scotty. The post alone nearly crashed the Crocs site, with that particular color selling out completely. But that wouldn’t be the last time the raptress publicly displayed her support of crocs. She soon followed up with yet another picture wearing black clogs accessorized with several Chanel brooches, striking a pose poolside.

The holes on the Crocs are no longer just to let the breeze run through your toes, but to also express yourself and make them correlate with the rest of your wardrobe by adding charms. The charms can be found on the Crocs website or through searching Etsy and a number of other retail sites. Aside from accessorizing the clogs with charms, Crocs has also made efforts to make the foam-based shoe more appealing to the fashion crowd through collaborations. Some of the past collaborations include: Barneys, Balenciaga, Takashi Murakami, Chinatown Market, and with celebrities like Bad Bunny. Does this mean that a Minaj collab is on its way? Only time will tell. The collaborations have undoubtedly allowed the brand to connect with more fashion-forward audiences, giving outside designers the opportunity to show how they interpret the notoriously über-casual shoe, and reaching untapped demographics.

So with work from home style making its way to the streets, we’re sure Crocs will be making a prominent appearance this summer. Whether it’s in the gym, at work, on the rooftop for Sunday brunch, or at the after party, the clogs will be among us this season. They’re no longer just house shoes and they have broken the chains of being restricted to being worn in hospitals. Crocs are earning their stripes this season, but will it be enough to add them to the list of iconic, classic sneakers? Air force 1’s, Converse Chuck Taylors? It sure does seem like it.


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