ASOS has built a brand reputation on being comfortable, accessibl, and affordable while maintaining its trendy sway and creative buyer base. In other words, the retailer has separated itself from the typical fast fashion module and curated its own lane.

“ASOS has always been one of my favorite brands so to finally get to work with them has been amazing,” Leigh-Anne Pinnock tells ESSENCE. The singer and songwriter from girl group Little Mix partnered with ASOS to curate an edit of her favorite pieces from the brand. “I have always used fashion as a way of expressing who I am. I really wanted to be known in Little Mix for my fashion,” the singer exclaimed.

With Leigh-Anne being a self-confessed ’90s fashion lover, this collection is drenched in her signature style, featuring a leather maxi coat, knit loungewear and a sleek turtleneck dress along with other nostalgic trends. ESSENCE got a chance to chat with the singer about her latest partnership and favorite seasonal trends. Read below.

ESSENCE: How was it to incorporate your love for nostalgic fashion in this edit?

Pinnock: There is a ‘90s theme running through this Style Edit, which is what I love. I love ’90s fashion, so for me, every look was just like, yes. Metallic dresses, ripped oversized jeans paired with a bandeau top and flannel or a blazer dress all are some faves that I was able to bring into this edit.

ESSENCE: When it comes to “having style,” what are some tips you would give someone? 

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment to find what you love and feel comfortable with. 

ESSENCE: Any standout pieces you love with this collection?

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My favorite piece from the collection is the green metallic dress, which I thought was made for me. It was literally the first piece I picked up and green is my all-time favorite color. 

ESSENCE: The weather is starting to get colder. What are some of your favorite seasonal selects to keep you warm?             

I love coats so having them in the Style Edit was key – there is an amazing lilac shearling jacket that feels perfect for everyone ready to get warm and cozy for winter. I’m also into a trench coat and the belted leather look one that’s part of this edit is super versatile and can be worn season after season.