The ever-popular fashion stylist, blogger and designer Aleali May is back with another innovative collaboration. This time, it comes as Mattel, Inc. revealed their latest drop from Mattel Creations, the company’s design collaboration and direct-to-consumer platform, titled ‘The Collaboratory.’ This collection features Evan Mock, Aleali May, Kristopher Kites, and Blue the Great. Hailing from varying backgrounds that covers multiple mediums, these four creators paired with four iconic Mattel brands will be well worth the investment. “The Collaboratory,” a collector toy capsule – launches December 3rd on

Known for adding a personal touch to her collections, May has incorporated limited-edition items that were inspired by the jade jewelry given to her by her grandmother. Creating this childhood Barbie was a full circle moment for the famed fashion stylist, “My connection with Barbie began as a young girl playing with dolls,” says May in a release. “Dressing them, having fun with creating new hairstyles on the dolls, and really experiencing my first go around with what I do today, styling others.”

Barbie’s exclusive wardrobe features cargo pants, a cutout bodysuit, knee-high boots, a classic tee and paparazzi-worthy sunglasses. The wardrobe will be available for $55.

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In addition to Aleali May’s Barbie, Mattel’s ‘The Collaboratory’ also includes 3 additional collaborations: Evan Mock x Hot Wheels, Kristopher Kites x Masters of the Universe and Blue the Great x Thomas & Friends.

Priced at $30, the surfer, actor and clothing designer Evan Mock teamed up with Hot Wheels to produce a Hot Wheels 1:64 scale 1987 Toyota Pickup inspired by his North Shore, Oahu style. Famed jewelry designer Kristopher Kites, known for his oversized custom pieces, decided to revisit his childhood and create an Orko pendant. Priced at $150, this limited-edition character can either be worn on an iridescent chain or displayed on a special base, using a light to bring the Orko pendant to life. Last but certainly not least, multidisciplinary artist Blue the Great crafted his own take on Thomas & Friends. Priced at $30 and featuring colorful bubble letters, the artist gave this limited-edition die-cast his signature edgy, graffiti look.

Mattel continues to create curated offerings that celebrate the brand’s importance around producing and collaborating with today’s most prominent artists, designers and pop culture influencers. Remixing Mattel’s iconic toys into entirely new inspired designs will continuously create a special type of art; a timeless art influenced by the iconic toys. ‘The Collaboratory’ Collection will be available through starting December 3, 2021, at 9:00 AM PST.