There are countless reasons to invest in a smart tote bag. Maybe your office is re-opening and you’re heading back to work­­––your laptop and workout clothes need a place to go. Maybe you’re flying for the first time in a while: you gotta bring the wipes, snacks, iPad, and a sweater for a cold plane. Maybe you just need to have all your necessities with you when on the go or running errands. You get the gist.

In addition to their functionality, totes accessorize and boost your overall look. They play a big part in our style game, with choices of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. So, first, choose how you want to carry-on in style––do you prefer a shoulder-bag, crossbody or hand-held version? Then, move into style, shape and materials selects. They’re plenty of classic and neutral options as well as on-trend textures and color. 

Lastly, it’s really the versatility that deserves your attention and warrants the investment. Cost per wear is in your favor. One tote can serve a multitude of purposes: baby bag, laptop bag, gym bag, school bag, office bag or whatever. Now get into these gorgeous selects.


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