Watch #InMyFeed: Tracee Ellis Ross Honors Black Designers and More

ESSENCE’s daily digital show also discusses the forthcoming "Zola" film and Donald Trump.
Welcome to #InMyFeed, ESSENCE’s daily digital show that offers you a cheat sheet of the hottest topics already on your timeline. The American Music Awards happened and yeah. That’s great and all, but the hostest with the mostest, Tracee Ellis Ross may have stolen the whole show. The Emmy-award winning actress told ESSENCE that she only wore Black designers  because “it’s important to use it to shine light on the directions you believe in.” Oh, and we tuned in for these looks honey! From the Dapper Dan custom Gucci moment to the pink Pyer Moss suit to that epic African print LAVIEbyCK fishtail gown, Ross was nothing short of a parade of Black excellence! Speaking of Black excellence, remember that time Aziah Wells tweeted about the craziest weekend ever and Black Twitter got a hold of it? And thus, was the birth of Zola’s story. Black Twitter helped this story make it all the way to Hollywood and now we know it’s lead star. Hit The Floor‘s Taylour Paige has been tapped to play Zola. We wonder who else is going to be in this cast of epic characters?! And finally, your president, Donald Trump just got a little (if not a lot) more allegedly racist. Reportedly, Trump’s using gun violence in Chicago to push stop-and-frisk laws, which historically has been known to target people of color at a disproportionately alarming rate. If this doesn’t motivate you to get out and vote, we don’t know what will! Check out these stories here, here and here, girl. Get your tea.