Tory Lanez Speaks After Instagram Shuts Down Quarantine Radio
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RIP to Quarantine Radio–at least for now.

Along with DJ D Nice and Swizz Beatz, who organized many battles against beloved producers, Tory Lanez also took to Instagram Live to entertain his fans while we’re self-isolating due to the novel coronavirus.

Dubbing it Quarantine Radio, the Canadian rapper-singer welcomed celebrity guests, including Drake, Megan the Stallion and Chris Brown. But now, he’s been temporarily shut down after violating Instagram’s community guidelines.

Lanez revealed the news on Tuesday, sharing a screenshot that read he’d been stripped of his privileges to go live until April 14.

He captioned the photo, “350K [viewers and] I can’t go on right now they won’t let me. ….THEY DIDNT WANT ME TO WIN DAMN B.”

Lanez smartened up and tried to create a whole new Instagram account called Quarantine Radio, but the social media platform spotted that too and quickly shut off streaming capabilities.

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“This is crazy at this point,” he later said in a video. “I had 350k live, Instagram cut me off. I made a whole brand new page n***as ain’t never heard of…I just got to 100,000 [viewers and] Instagram shut me off.”

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Stay tuned…

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Now Lanez is calling on his followers to help him get out of streaming jail. He later shared a photo of him dressed in an orange jumpsuit, looking very Orange Is The New Black chic.

“THIS IS ME CURRENTLY,” he wrote in the caption. “Even if I wanted to…..I won’t be back on quarantine radio till the 14th. EVERYBODY HASHTAG #FreeTory SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE MAN!!! lmao Instagram stop hating. We can be friends man!”

First Teddy Riley versus Babyface was postponed and now this. Lord, have mercy.


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