This Is Us took a leap into the future this week with season 6’s 13th episode, “The Day of the Wedding.”

The episode finds the whole Pearson clan convening once again, this time for Kate’s wedding to her co-worker Phil, a second marriage we see her getting into five years after the big, unexpected demise of her relationship with Toby.

This is Us episode writer Jon Dorsey exclusively commented on the importance of the season’s 13th episode, just 5 away from the series finale and the culmination of the Pearson family’s modern-day storyline.

“Episode 613 is pivotal because we jump forward 5 years into the future, establishing a new “present-day” timeline, and revealing what the Pearson family has been up to the past half-decade,” Dorsey said.  “Their lives have all adjusted both professionally and romantically, but the progression of Rebecca’s illness has impacted them the most.”

That impact is felt seemingly hardest by Randall in particular, who realizes he has missed the rapid progression of his mother’s dementia and new developments in Miguel’s own health while wrapped up in his campaign for Senate.  

THIS IS US — “Day of the Wedding” Episode 613 — Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Jon Huertas as Miguel — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Not only is Rebecca losing track of the significance of the day they’re all gathered for, but she’s seeing her long-deceased husband Jack every time she takes a look at her son Kevin.

Ultimately as the episode’s action unfolds (no spoilers for the late streamers!), Randall ends up making a moving toast to the bride and groom’s future that speaks to their current circumstances.

“In a sense, it’s the beginning of the end as we move towards the finale.  And like Randall says in his wedding speech, time just seems to move faster the older we get.”

This Is Us‘ final season continues each Tuesday at 9 pm EST on NBC, and is available on streaming via Peacock and Hulu next day.