UPDATED: The complicated, wayward messiness of love can often feel like the plot of a romantic comedy. It’s a feeling that Boston-born, Los Angeles–based singer TeaMarrr has captured in song. She was tapped to be the leadoff artist on executive producer and actress Issa Rae’s newly established label, Raedio, a partnership Rae struck up with Atlantic Records.

And the love is still going strong. TeaMarr’s new single, “Temperature,” debuts this Sunday, May 3, on Rae’s HBO series. In the animated video, the back-and-forth between Insecure characters Molly and Andrew gets illustrated over the artist’s vibey track.

TeaMarrr’s earlier effort this year, the cheeky bubblegum R&B–flavored “Kinda Love,” would fit seamlessly on Insecure’s soundtrack as well. The humorous video for the ditty, which includes an appearance by Rae as the singer’s snarky therapist, follows TeaMarrr (née Thamar Noel) and a number of other women as they design the perfect man and create a wish list for the perfect relationship.

The single is from the Haitian-American’s as-yet-untitled album, which is set to be released in 2020. Just as with her previously released indie work—the LP Thanks for the Chapstick and singles “One Job,” “Whorey Heart” and “Bent Hella”—the artist hopes listeners will see her as a tea-spilling close friend. “I want people to feel like they have a new sonic bestie,” she says. “Someone to vibe with when they’re alone without having to feel alone.”

TeaMarrr’s music certainly has the captivating sound that fans will enjoy. It’s not hard to imagine supporters grooving along to every beat during a live performance. There will also be videos for various tracks. “More visuals, more wild concepts on the way,” the songbird promises. “I wish for a world tour; that would be a dream. And to make a limited amount of replicas of my retired teacups.”


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