Issa Rae’s New Record Label Creates A Playlist For The Runway
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Insecure creator Issa Rae is looking beyond television and film with her new label Raedio, an imprint of Atlantic Records.

For fashion week, the label put together the soundtrack for designer Jason Rembert’s Aliétte runway show, a partnership the designer called “heaven-sent.”

Speaking with Vogue, Rae says the collaboration is a glimpse of the things Raedio hopes to do in the future. “This is the kind of stuff that we want to continue to do down the line, to curate an audio experience. [Jason] sent sketches to the team, and immediately they sensed a bit of playfulness—double Dutch was actually an inspiration—and we wanted to select tracks that reflected that exuberance and that street vibe.”

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“It was heaven-sent,” Rembert says of the partnership. “Every time that we’re in a fitting, Issa’s always playing the dopest songs. I always ask her, ‘Who is this?’ She just knows so much about music, so when we decided to partner between Raedio and myself, I was just like, of course. I’d be honored.”

“It’s so crazy that Raedio did the music because overall the collection was inspired by musicians and how, even when the world is on one trend, they’re able to have their own identity,” the designer added.

You can check out Raedio’s curated playlist above.


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