Yesterday, the new moon was in scorpio and Summer Walker dropped her sophomore album so basically, we’re feeling things. Deeply.

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‘Still Over It’ is Walker’s follow up to her debut album, ‘Over It,’ which was released in 2019. She took her following to new heights, as the project became the most-streamed R&B album by a woman since Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ a few years earlier. In between albums, Walker dropped an EP, ‘Life on Earth,’ and launched a new label imprint, Ghetto Earth Records. She also gave birth to a baby girl earlier this year. Her daughter appears with her on the album’s alternate cover.

On ‘Still Over It,’ she tells her own story in an era when social media pieces together narratives for people, especially celebrities. The Atlanta native’s style is introspective and firm, yet oh-so malleable as she croons about expired love. Walker’s an open diary as she gets to the root of who she is and what she’s in search of. She’s vocal about emotional and carnal desires, standing up for women who once may have felt quieted by societal expectations. Walker is as sassy, sexy and vulnerable as she wants to be and no one can make her feel bad about it.

Ahead of the album, she released just one song — “Ex For a Reason” featuring JT of City Girls. The song currently sits at the #10 spot on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Streaming Songs chart. Additional features from the album include: SZA, Lil Durk, Ari Lennox, Pharrell and Omarion. Cardi B and Ciara help open and close the album with narration.

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Walkerr is currently signed to LVRN, which is also home to acts like 6lack, OMB Bloodbath, Kitty Ca$h and more.

Listen to Summer Walker’s new album, ‘Still Over It,’ below.


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