We’ve all known and loved Omarion for almost two decades. We’ve seen him grow from the lead singer in B2K to a solo heartthrob star to now a happy father of two kids headlining his sold-out Millennium Tour (currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak). But despite knowing Omarion for all these years — or at least thinking that we do, we’ve finally discovered what he’s looking for in a partner (hint: friendship is key, ladies!).

While stopping by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast, Omarion confirms that no matter how “unbothered” he may be in his professional life, he is attracted to independent and strong women in his personal life. “Well let me just say, for a man, a lot of how your approach and you’re dealing with women comes from your mom,” he told cohosts Cori Murray and Charli Penn. 

“My mom is like super cool. I had a young mother. She had me at 16. So me and my mom’s relationship is like very vibrant. Like, Oh mom, did you hear this song man? So I guess [I have an] attraction to that,” said Omarion. “Nowadays, independence is so promoted, it would be crazy for me to say I’d want a traditional woman who wants to stay at home. I actually like independence because it gives you your own voice. And also, that makes you accountable. Then I can hold you to something. I can hold you to some level of responsibility and respect.”

But don’t expect the singer, who lives by the mantra “love and light” to rush into anything too fast. He’s looking for substance in his next relationship and the foundation of that is being friends with the woman he’s dating. 

“I think in order to really create something special, it has to be built on some foundation,” the singer explained. “And I think friendship is a good foundation you could always tap back on if you don’t agree. So for me, it’s not dating, it’s more so friendship. Like, how long can you be my friend, without being pushy, without requiring some aspect and attention of me? How can you flow with me? Can you flow? Can you hop on my motion, and can we create some rhythm together?”

Listen to Omarion’s Yes Girl interview below.


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