Samira Wiley To Guest Star On ‘Will & Grace’
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Samira Wiley will be guest starring on NBC’s Will & Grace revival, guest starring in three episodes during the show’s second season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress will play the role of Nikki, a self-assured and sophisticated woman, who works in the same office building as Karen Walker, played by Emmy Award winner Megan Mullally.
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Her character’s story will center around being stuck in a snowstorm with Walker where they discuss their love lives. The Handmaid’s Tale actress is already charming the show’s star-studded cast. She wrote about how she was upgrading their slang in a caption on her Instagram page, sharing the news. “I get to play with these freakin geniuses All Week. It’s lit! (I just had to explain to all of them what lit means),” she wrote. Wiley has been booked and busy since her departure from her breakout role in Netflix’s Orange Is the New BlackShe has received an Emmy and two nominations for her resistance-inspiring work on The Handmaid’s Tale, and recently appeared in the films Detroit and Nerve. No information has been released on when her guest arc on Will & Grace will air, but we can’t wait.


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