The Power Of Prince: See The Entertainers Touched By His Genius
Photo By: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The innovative and enigmatic Prince has been regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all time. As a master of several instruments, he is credited with spearheading the “Minneapolis Sound” – a blend of funk rock with elements of synth-pop and new wave – along with releasing classic albums such as Prince, 1999, Purple Rain.

After winning the award for Best Original Song Score at the 1985 Oscars, Prince continued his rise to the top, recording what was perhaps his best body of work, Sign o’ the Times. In 1993, he made the decision to change his stage name to a symbol; a move that at the time many people didn’t understand, but in time became one of the most important facets of his legacy.

Throughout his time on this earth, Prince was persistent in showing artists and entertainers the importance of ownership – owning your name, owning your music, owning your career. It’s a struggle that many musicians of color still experience to this day, but things have gotten a bit better with the emergence of digital streaming services, which allows creators the opportunity to go direct to consumers. Over 6 years after his untimely passing, Prince is still an inspiration to not only people in the music industry, but businesspeople and entrepreneurs alike.

Outside of influencing a generation, the Minneapolis native was also pivotal to the success of several artists in his era and beyond. For 40 years, he lent a helping hand to many of his peers, and was pivotal in expanding the boundaries of artistry and musicianship. Acts such as Apollonia, Morris Day, Sheila E., Chaka Khan, and Vanity, all fell under Prince’s umbrella of creativity.

As we celebrate what would have been the 64th birthday of the legendary musician, let’s take a look at the many iconic singers, songwriters and producers that were associated with Prince, and who benefited from his tutelage.