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It’s official! Fans of the Starz hit stripper-drama P-Valley can finally return “down in the valley where the girls get naked” this summer. The show, which garnered a cult following of sorts before exploding into popularity during the Summer of 2020 will return on June 3, and we have an exclusive sneak peek at the hotly anticipated second season available here!

Season 2 finds Uncle Clifford, Autumn Night, Mercedes and Mississippi back at the Pynk, struggling to keep the club afloat while the pandemic keeps their customers 6-feet away at all times. But with restrictions lifting comes a new opportunity to rake in the cash – and the ever-enterprising Autumn has ideas for a fresh approach to stacking money high and covering up old sins in the process.

P-Valley S2 Key Art, Image IDs: UNCLE CLIFFORD: PUV2_112221_9206, PUV2_112221_9193, PUV2_112221_7984, PUV2_112221_5794, AUTUMN: PUV2_112221_9341, PUV2_112221_9392, PUV2_112221_9335, MONEY: PUV2_112021_1100, PUV2_112021_1096, SHUTTERSTOCK_354203891, SHUTTERSTOCK_571562089, FLAME: SHUTTERSTOCK_1907405305, KEYSHAWN: PUV2_112221_9193, PUV2_112221_8421, PUV2_112221_9216, MONEY: PUV2_112021_0972, WATER: PUV2_112021_0718, MONEY: PUV2_112021_1080, MERCEDES: PUV2_112221_9195, PUV2_112221_9370, PUV2_112221_6326, SMOKE: SHUTTERSTOCK_1257396607, SHUTTERSTOCK_68044339, MONEY: PUV2_112021_1097, FLAME: SHUTTERSTOCK_571562089, MONEY: PUV2_112021_1104

These past two years have been challenging beyond belief. Hardship after hardship has befallen our community and yet we have endured,” said Katori Hall, creator and showrunner of P-Valley. “Season 2 is a chronicle of our resilience. I hope it will be received as a gift – the gift of being seen, heard, and celebrated. I’m excited for the Pynk Posse to look into the mirror that great storytelling can be. See y’all at the Pynk on June 3rd!”

Season 2 sees the return of core cast favorites, Nicco Annan, Brandee Evans, Elarica Johnson, Shannon Thornton, Tyler Lepley and J. Alphonse Nicholson, with a few new characters added in for flavor, including Gail Bean (Snowfall, Atlanta) as new unruly dancer “Roulette,” and Psalms Salazar as fresh face “Whisper.”

P-Valley S2 Key Art, Image IDs: Background: SHUTTERSTOCK_147437012, SHUTTERSTOCK_170236112 KEYSHAWN: PUV2_112221_9193, PUV2_112221_8421, FLAMES: SHUTTERSTOCK_1907405305, SHUTTERSTOCK_571562089, AUTUMN: PUV2_112221_8699, UNCLE CLIFFORD: PUV2_112221_7503, PUV2_112221_7984, PUV2_112221_5794, SMOKE: SHUTTERSTOCK_68044339, MERCEDES: PUV2_112221_6817, PUV2_112221_6399, MONEY: PUV2_112021_1100, PUV2_112021_1104, PUV2_112021_1096, SHUTTERSTOCK_354203891, PUV2_112021_1097

Check out the Season 2 Trailer above. Are you excited for the show’s big return?

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