Omarion is taking the latest string of memes featuring his face and name in stride. 

Though the R&B singer’s name has already trended a fair share of times this year due to the emergence of old performance clips of his going viral, the latest crop of Omarion-related content is part of Black Twitter’s signature jovial way of dealing with harrowing news. 

News broke that The World Health Organization named a newly discovered version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus “omicron” and classified it as a highly transmissible variant of concern earlier this week. Though not much is yet known about the actual risks of the new strain and not enough data has been logged about its effects, Omicron is thought to be the next big threat in the COVID-19 pandemic saga. The first case on United States soil was found in California just hours ago. 

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Of course, being that the internet can’t quite take anything seriously, you may have seen memes on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook attaching the singer’s signature dance moves to news of the latest-emerging COVID-19 variant

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Omarion reacted to the latest crop of memes bearing his name. 

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“There is nothing more healing than music or a good laugh,” the singer said. “I’m thankful to be able to give people both…even if it is at my expense.” 

Take a look at some of the viral memes here:

“From the Omarion dance challenge to being superimposed on the new variant, the internet is forever undefeated.”

Black Twitter in particular has been a beacon of comedy as a coping mechanism over the course of the past few years. Omarion believes that though the jokes are somewhat at his own expense, it’s a valid form of healing in times that are as uncertain as these. 

“I can’t help but appreciate the creativity of people,” he said of the meme chain. “We all need some laughter during these grueling pandemic times that can be dark. While we laugh, stay safe and stay healthy.”