It’s been nearly five years since Jazmine Sullivan released her critically-acclaimed third studio album, Reality Show. And although fans have been dying for more of her smooth alto voice, the singer said there’s a reason why we’ve got to wait.

“So, I’ve been quiet for a min. And by a minute I mean 5 years. But I just recently experienced something that has rocked my world and turned it upside down. Life is funny like that,” she wrote in a Story on Instagram earlier this week.

“I’m almost sure it’s leading me on a path that will inspire an album. But for now an EP is on the way. Probably spring release,” the 32-year-old Grammy Award nominee teased. “Love you all.”

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Although it’s unclear what exactly has fans waiting for a taste of new music from Sullivan, this isn’t the first time the R&B singer has taken a break from the recording studio. In fact, she took a step back in 2010 after the release of her sophomore album, Love Me Back

“People thought that I stopped because my second album didn’t sell as well. That wasn’t true,” Sullivan told ESSENCE exclusively at the time. “I was going through a tough time in life. I was in a relationship, it was not good and it kinda took all my focus from everything.”

The singer said that abusive relationship drained her.

“When things are bad, they just take up all of your energy,” she explained. “You can’t really see straight. Once I got out of it, I realized that I had stopped doing something that I’d wanted to do all my life. Something that I had been working to do all my life. I realized that I had lost myself. That should have been the last thing I stopped—my music—because I love it.”

We hope Jazz returns to the booth soon.


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