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[BLANK_AUDIO] We've got Chance the Rapper, Solange, Diana Ross, John Legend. Plus, I hear that Mary J. Blige is doing something special called Ladies Night. What can we expect. My goodness, yes. So that is the night that is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Mary has curated a special Ladies Night for us That she has picked her favorite female artists to perform. So you've got Mary herself, of course. Hits upon hits upon hits. With the over the knee? Over the knee, and the, come on, you know you're gonna have to Mary dance. And then you've got Jill Scott, who's got, come on, amazing hits. And you got Shaka Khan, the queen mother. And then you also have Ari Lennox, who's this amazing new artist on J. Cole's label who's absolutely amazing. Monica, and Jazmine Sullivan. That's just the main stage. Then you've got the super lounges which is gonna feature Jhene Aiko, you got Remy Ma, we all wanna see what Remy Ma's gonna say down there at Essence Festival, then you have Tiana Taylor, and that's just to name a few at the super lounges. It's gonna be amazing night. Wow. [BLANK_AUDIO]

There’s plenty of new music on the horizon and our 2017 ESSENCE Festival performers are definitely in the mix.

The latest Festival favorite to bless the masses with new tunes is none other than Philly’s own Jazmine Sullivan, who is featured on the song and in the video for singer/songwriter Niia’s new single “Sideline.” The smooth track hears both of the talented ladies team up to belt out lyrics about the frustration of being in a seemingly one-sided relationship where their efforts aren’t reciprocated by their significant other.

ESSENCE Festival 2017 single-night tickets and ticket packages are on sale now! For more info and the latest news, visit our Festival page here.

Per usual, Ms. Sullivan’s vocal and visual slay is on a thousand.

Be sure to grab your tickets to see Jazmine Sullivan light up the stage, alongside more of the biggest names in music, at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this July.

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