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Jaheim Arrested on Multiple Charges of Animal Cruelty

The R&B singer is accused of starving over a dozen dogs on his New Jersey property

R&B singer Jaheim, full name Jaheim Hoagland, is behind bars today on charges associated with the starvation and neglect of 15 dogs, resulting in the death of one dog thus far. Hoagland has been charged with third-degree animal cruelty and failure to provide necessary care to an animal after over a dozen animals were found in and around his home in varying degrees of emaciation. 

According to the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey, the Hillsborough Township Police received a report of a “puppy in distress” on Monday. Upon arriving at Hoagland’s residence to investigate, officers report having found six dogs being kept in dirty, partially flooded animal crates in the home’s driveway. 

“One of the dogs located was initially unresponsive in a water-filled crate and subsequently had to be euthanized,” the Prosecutor reported in a public statement via Facebook.

Hoagland was placed under arrest outside of his home on an unrelated probation violation warrant. While police provided water to the dogs outside, awaiting the arrival of animal control, they heard the barking of additional dogs coming from inside the residence. 

Once inside the home, officers report finding an additional 9 dogs inside of separate crates, all partially flooded with several inches of water and littered with feces. None of the animals on site had ready access to food nor water. Two of these dogs were transported to a nearby animal hospital for emergency veterinary treatment due to their extremely poor condition.

“A total of twelve mixed breed Pitbull Terriers, two American Staffordshire Terriers, and one mixed breed Boxer were recovered,” the prosecutor’s office reports. “One mixed breed Pitbull terrier was euthanized, and the additional fourteen dogs were examined and released to Long Hill Kennel located in Hillsborough, New Jersey.”

There has been no public comment from Hoagland nor his legal representation as of yet.