Friends are going to bump heads and your favorite Insecure besties are no different.

Fans gasped during the season four teaser when Insecure star, creator and executive producer Issa Rae’s character (Issa Dee) announced that she didn’t eff with Molly (Yvonne Orji), her bestie since college, anymore. And then they gasped again when the two almost came to blows at Issa’s block party—the same block party she spent hella time producing.

Rae broke down the breakdown we’re seeing in Issa and Molly’s relationship; and some fan theories might be accurate it seems.

“They are friends, they are real-life friends, but there exists a specific dynamic in their friendship that both of them have gotten accustomed to. They’re college friends who have taken on different paths,” Rae told Variety After-Show.

“Molly witnessed Issa being in this long relationship and this relationship that she may have aspired to, and I think, on Molly’s side, Issa has witnessed her take this journey to become this incredible lawyer. Like her career has always been in check and Issa admires her social life,” Rae shared, exploring their post-college bond. 

The challenge was to explore how these two friends would deal once the tables were turned—as in when Issa finds her career path and Molly finds a serious bae. 

And while people are Team Issa and Team Molly, Rae isn’t asking fans to keep a record of each friend’s missteps, but she does encourage them to rewatch the show and check the heat on that stir-fry. Rae noted that her character isn’t “blameless” in the situation, especially because she didn’t respect Molly’s boundaries when it came to her relationship.

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“I think on Issa’s side, it’s like, ‘Bitch, this is all I have and this flimsy Cheeto of a boundary, this Cheeto door-lock boundary that you put up, like I’m gonna find a way around it because I need to succeed,’ ” she told the interviewer and her Lovebirds costar Kumail Nanjiani. 

Rae admitted that it’s time for the pair to figure out two things: “How did we get here? And who am I without this person?”

Earlier this month, news dropped that Insecure was renewed for its fifth season, and days later Rae posted an Instagram photo of the show’s virtual writers’ room, which included showrunner and Uncorked director Prentice Penny.

Rae is happy that her baby is back in action, even if it’s in a “weird virtual writers’ room.” 

“We have a really good room where people are very, like, sensitive to people speaking. We implemented a hand-raising policy just because,” she said about navigating the new space. “That’s the other hard part, like we’re such a jokey room, and it is hard to get in there with the jokes. So we’re finding our rhythm, but it’s still really fun.”

HBO’s hit series Insecure airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST.


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