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En Vogue Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Debut Album 'Born To Sing'

The ladies of the R&B group spoke with ESSENCE about re-releasing their debut album along with some new mixes.
En Vogue Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Debut Album ‘Born To Sing’
Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images

It’s been 30 years since influential R&B group En Vogue made their debut with Born To Sing and the ladies are celebrating the milestone with a re-release of their debut album and a few new mixes.

The Grammy-nominated group is considered one of the best female R&B groups in music. En Vogue’s platinum debut album includes hits like “Hold On,” “Don’t Go,” and “You Don’t Have to Worry.”

Terry Ellis, a founding member of the group, told ESSENCE that the group never imagined that they’d make such an impact.

“It was something that we dreamed and hoped to,” she said, “but [never dreamed of]. It’s been really amazing and surreal. We’re just very grateful and honored to still be doing what we love to do.”

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En Vogue currently consists of Ellis, Cindy Herron, also an original member of the group, and Rhona Bennett, who joined in 2012.

On Friday, the group re-released Born To Sing with remixed versions of “Lies,” “You Don’t Have To Worry,” and “Hold On.”