Madea is bidding us farewell, but not everyone is ready to say goodbye to the gun-toting grandma.

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In Madea’s Farewell Play Tour, David Mann, who portrays Madea’s ex Mr. Brown, and Tamela Mann, who portrays her daughter Cora Simmons in the Madea universe; the real-life couple has some strong thoughts about saving Madea. Although they have been touring since last year, the live production was put on hold due to upending the spread of COVID-19. However, fans won’t have to wait until theaters open back up for Madea’s Farewell Play Tour return—the show will premiere in living rooms on BET Plus on August 27.

Still, The Manns revealed their feelings about Tyler Perry retiring the character with faith-based author and producer Devon Franklin during the 2020 virtual ESSENCE Festival of Culture. Here’s what the singing duo said.

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“You all play, Mr. Brown and Cora Simmons. So just let’s talk about how do you feel having to leave these characters on the stage,” said Franklin.

“It’s one of those bittersweet things, you know, when Tyler first approached us and told us, Hey, we’re going to do one more tour. You know, we want to leave and I’m doing a farewell tour. We were like, what,” said David, who was shocked at the time. 

“I’m sad. I’m sad,” interjected Tamela. 


“I said you can’t get rid of Madea, Madea’s a household-she’s an icon,” said David. “And my mama, How you gon kill my momma,” Tamela said, with a laugh. 

“In his words we wanted to make sure that he put the character to rest before he was actually the same age as Madea,” said David. “So that was his thinking.” 

The Manns and Franklin discussed figuring out a way to change Perry’s mind. 

“I want to start a petition where you don’t get rid of Madea,” said David. 

“Hey, I’m with you on that. I’ll sign it,” said Franklin. “Listen Tyler is our brother, he’s so talented and it’s amazing what he’s done through this character over the years. So I’m with you,” said Franklin. 

“Save Madea!”

Madea’s Farewell Tour premieres via BET Plus on August 27.


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