Watch Tyler Perry Explain What Is Going On In Beyoncé's Madea Instagram Photo

“To have the Queen Bey pay homage to Madea—come on, man!” Tyler told ESSENCE exclusively.
Beyoncé can share a captionless photo on Instagram and it will seemingly hit our feeds within minutes. Do you know of any other Instagram account that does that? The singer recently posted a pic in which she’s standing in front of a black-and-white photo of Madea while motioning toward the photograph with her hands, almost imploring folks to look at Tyler Perry’s famed character. Many of Beyoncé’s most loyal hive members had several questions, comments and concerns. We here at ESSENCE had questions, too, so we asked Perry, who was promoting his latest film, A Madea Family Funeral, to explain Beyoncé’s cryptic Madea post. A lot of the promos for the film are Beyoncé-inspired, and Queen Bey even showed up to Madea’s farewell tour. That’s how you know there’s mutual respect there. Perry said the photo was taken backstage during his recent tour stop in Los Angeles, and Beyoncé was paying homage to his most popular character. And interestingly enough, the photo was a fake! What!? “They have these pictures of all these Oscar winners. So I had a fake one made with Madea on it, holding fake Oscars, and I put it behind the column, and I didn’t know she took a picture! I want to see if they took it down for the Oscars!” Tyler shared with the excitement of a kid in a candy store. Check out the full video up top!   TOPICS: