Coronavirus & Chill: 5 Ways To Play During Quarantine
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Forced social distancing means no catching up during four hour brunch sessions, or making new besties in bathrooms at day parties. Looking for a way to connect with your friends or even make new ones in the age of coronavirus? Use your screen! These are our top five ways to have quarantine friendly fun:

Netflix Party

This Chrome extension allows you to create or join a Netflix & Chill session. Unlike watching with a friend on FaceTime this app synchronizes the experience for all parties. All pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding happens on everyone’s screen who’s participating. Get up to date before the last season of Dear White People or be inspired to finally write that business plan by viewing Renae Bluitt’s She Did That. 

Noname’s Book Club

Just finished Kiley Reid’s Such A Fun Age and need someone to vent to? Noname’s Book Club got you. This digital community selects and promotes “reading material for the homies.” Not only do they connect you to other readers they provide exclusive content via their extremely affordable Patreon. Join the movement for just $1 a month or scroll their socials to find a like minded book lover. 

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Tired of your old roommate judging you for killing the succulent she sent? Build up a digital green thumb in this surprisingly addictive video game. Download the app or play on Facebook where your friends are your virtual neighbors. 


Enjoy a virtual session of charades meets Black Twitter with this trendy Black-owned parlor game. Watch your girls try to figure out the pre-packaged acronyms or spend your new free time coming up with a few of your own.

Twitch Sings

The popular gaming community has perfected a way to keep your Thursday night Karaoke sessions alive. Twitch Sings has a multiplayer mode that allows you to duet with your faves. It also lets you set up your “venue” and direct one another’s solo performances.