Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming 2 America’ Will Be Available For Streaming
Paramount Pictures

The sequel to Coming to America has been in the works for years and now, the cult classic helmed by Eddie Murphy is in the process of being sold by Paramount Pictures to Amazon Studios for $125M, according to Variety. It is expected to be available for streaming the week before Christmas.

COVID-19 concerns have greatly affected movie attendance and the state of movie theaters in general. This has pushed companies to seek out alternative methods to enhance viewership. Streaming has been a key way for audiences to be shown films that they wouldn’t feel comfortable gathering in large groups to see.

Variety also noted that Paramount has sold a few other projects to another streaming service, Netflix, this year—Trial of the Chicago 7 and Lovebirds.

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Coming to America is a 1988 romantic comedy about a young African prince named Akeem (Murphy) and his servant Semmi (Arsenio Hall) who trek to New York in search of a wife for Akeem. The film culminates with Akeem marrying the love he finds in Queens, New York. In the second installment, Prince Akeem discovers that he fathered a son during his time in New York and Akeem’s father (James Earl Jones) announces that his dying wish is to prepare his grandson to become prince.

Several of the cast members from the first film are set to appear in new one, including Lisa McDowell (Sheri Headley,) Cleo McDowell (John Amos,) Imani Izzi (Vanessa Bell Calloway) and many more. See the full cast list here.