In an age of Hip Hop where the success of a new artist seems tied to their ability to recreate a similar sound to that of what’s already topping the charts, Bad Boy’s crowned prince Christian Combs is carving his own way to the top.

Drawing from heavy influences of the 90’s Hip Hop era where his father birthed the iconic Bad Boy Records label that ruled the airwaves without cease, 21-year-old Combs is carrying the family torch with flying colors on his debut EP, Cyncerely C3.

The impressive 9-track effort is an equal parts nostalgic and timely offering that hears the young protegee fully tap into the signature musical talent he was born with to create an original sound unlike any other among young Hip Hop artists on today’s music scene.

ESSENCE recently caught up with “King Combs” just ahead of the EP’s release. Check out what he had to say about the new project in the clip above and then click HERE to see the new video for his latest single, “Heaven Sent.”

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