10 Press-On Nail Sets You Need ASAP

We’ve all experienced a terrible manicure. You go to the nail salon and choose a trending design that takes hours to complete but doesn’t come out exactly how you asked. You suck it up and head for the door, only for the polish to smudge and completely ruin the design you already didn’t care much for—a true series of unfortunate events.

If something similar to the above has happened to you, you might want to consider press-on nails. It relieves you of the stress of overpriced manicures and damaging your nails with gel and acrylic. No more suffering through terrible designs and waiting for nail polish that never seems to fully dry. Press-on nails take seconds to apply, and you can remove them yourself. There is no drying time, so you can pop them on and move right to the next task.

You can go long with almond-shaped pastels or go short and squared with a wavy design. Try out coffin shape without the two-week commitment. Forgot to get your nails done before your date? Press-on nails are the ultimate beauty solution when needing a quick manicure. The versatility and flexibility of cost, design, and functionality that press-on nails offer are unmatched by your local nail salon. We compiled your next ten manicures with the best press-on nails on the web.

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