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Extended Play: Earphones You Can Comfortably Wear All Day

Check out options that you can utilize for hours and hours — not only because of great battery life and sound capabilities, but also because they're cozy.
Extended Play: Earphones You Can Comfortably Wear All Day

It’s become more common than ever before to see someone wearing earphones for extended periods of time. It’s a tech-lover‘s dream. People have conversations with them in and go through the workday with them stuck in their ears. You may even be one of those people (I often find myself realizing I still have them in while taking a shower!). This happens often these days because earbuds have evolved in such a way where they not only help us zone out and turn up, but they do so while also managing to fit like a glove in the ear.

If you’re looking for recommendations for earphones that are so comfortable and effective they can be worn for hours, or you know someone who needs to upgrade from the over-the-ear and cord options, here are six options of different price ranges, all with powerful performance abilities, that are kind to the ears.

Note: Of course, you shouldn’t keep earphones in around the clock no matter how comfy they are. Do give them a break in order to avoid ear infections, hearing loss and other discomforts from wearing them too long and at too high of a volume. Happy listening!