Brands Giving Back For International Women’s Day

Every day is a great day for women’s appreciation, but today especially, of course. From facing pay inequality, to other social discrepancies brought on by gender, there’s only good to be done in taking a moment to stop and pat yourself on the back, along with the women around you. By now, you may have already dove into women-owned brands to shop to commence the day, or the entirety of Women’s History Month, but if you’re still on the hunt, there’s one more key component worth looking out for – the brands supporting International Women’s Day by giving back.

A number of organization and programs exist in favor of lifting up women across the world – There’s organizations geared at assisting women dealing with homelessness, or re-entering society after incarceration, organizations providing tools to the next generation of female entrepreneurs, as well as organizations helping women toward economic freedom, or ensuring stability for young girls who may be facing social or economic barriers. Some of these, many brand owners may even hold dear to their own hearts from personal experience. So, any reason is a good reason to shop, but there’s none as good as this one. Ahead, a few products to shop from brands giving back to women all over.

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