Women Owned Haircare Products International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is upon us, and if there were any time you deserved to kick back, relax and scroll the internet for a few goodies to bring home, it’s today. And you know what they say (or at least, we’ll make pretend), self-care starts with new hair products.

One of the best ways to support the women around us this month, and every month, is by shopping women-owned brands and luckily, when it comes to all things beauty, including hair, we’re of no shortage of products to marvel over. Before you start stocking up your virtual cart with treats for your hair, consider skipping items you can do without, and think about what you can give your hair to really nurture and strengthen it the way it deserves (this month is all about TLC). No idea where to start, or exactly which brands should be on your radar? We’ve rounded up 11 products to start with below.

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