7 Top Rated Sunscreen Sprays To Try Out Before Your Next Day In The Sun

“Essentials” may just be one of the many words we find thrown away far too loosely. But if you’re looking for a prime example of the true definition of the word, few things are as essential as sunscreen. Now that we’ve debunked the plethora of myths surrounding the precious skin care step, we know that virtually no one is exempt — Your skin needs protecting, period. Enter — a handful of sunscreen sprays from Amazon, and by the looks of the reviews these are picks everyone seems to love. 

While you may be most familiar with sunscreen creams or lotions, their spray-on counterparts have been found to be no less effective.  In fact, you may even find them easier and quicker to apply, and the nature of the application allows you to ensure the product makes it into those hard get crevices as well. If you’re headed out for a day in the sun anytime soon, give any one of the protective options below a try, and consider this an item checked off your to-pack list.


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