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12 Body Serums That Tackle Your Toughest Skin Problems

These work wonders for dry and dull skin.
12 Body Serums That Tackle Your Toughest Skin Problems

We don’t have to tell you the first rule of bodycare (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate), but it goes without saying that for some, retaining the benefits that come with many lotions and moisturizers is hard work. For those with exceptionally stubborn skin problems, particularly pertaining to skin moisture and texture, circumstances may instead call for a body serum, which comes formulated with a few extra key ingredients to ensure hydration and other skin benefits such as skin renewal, and stick. 

Body serums sound intense and confusing, we know — but they’ve proven easy to incorporate into your beauty routine (for the most part, you apply them to the skin like you would a moisturizer, and most absorb quickly into the skin). Then, they work similar to their counterparts for the face, offering more potent blends of all the ingredients your skin loves, such as retinol and exfoliating acids, and treating your body to the same benefits of resurfacing and restoration your face has likely long-enjoyed with your skincare routine.

Contrary to misunderstanding, they’re meant to work with your moisturizer rather than replace it, aiding in the process of skin lipid renewal to ensure newfound skin hydration and smooth texture actually lasts. As they’re able to penetrate the skin more effectively than lotions and moisturizers and often come packed with lactic acids, salicylic acids, and other highly-effective ingredients, they’ve become go-to daily solutions for those battling skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris as well.

Whether you’re just looking to upgrade your bodycare routine or are looking for products to tackle stubborn skin problems, skincare lovers have already declared body serum options from brands such as Topicals and Necessaire as must-tries. See them all below.