Break Out Brand Topicals Launches New Exfoliating Body Serum

“Just like Baby Phat muse Ming Lee Simmons, Topicals is all grown up,” quotes Topicals founder Olamide Olowe. With Ming Lee Simmons as one of the faces launching the exfoliating body serum, Slather, we learn that retinol isn’t just for the older crowd. Branded in a way that is youthfully spirited for use as self-care on a relaxing night in or pregame for smooth skin on a girl’s night out on the town. The debut of this lotion serum combo promises to hydrate dry and flaky skin, exfoliate follicle-related chronic skin conditions, including keratosis pilaris (KP) or strawberry skin, and strengthen the skin barrier. Slather’s key ingredients for a stand-out product for texture-free skin are retinol, lactic acid, urea, and squalane—a powerhouse formulation.

Made in mind for those with patchy and bumpy skin, this Topicals Slather serum will fit perfectly in your everyday routine bonus if it is alongside the Topicals Like Butter Hydrating & Soothing Mist. Just note this product is best used on the body only and not in combination with other AHAs, BHAs, or retinol. If you have sensitive skin, as tempting as it may be to dive into this product, make sure to patch test for 24 hours to ensure no adverse reaction. The milky serum is classified as a chemical exfoliant, so be sure to pair this with your favorite sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

Being the new skincare brand on the block, Topicals has seen great success selling out on Nordstrom and its own site in previous launches. The brand prioritizes a science-based formulation that works for all skin colors and types. They continue to echo their ethos that there is no such thing as perfect skin and advocate for those who suffer from chronic skin conditions, which often lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. In support, Topicals donates a percentage of sales to various mental and skin health organizations. 

A brand that doesn’t pressure your skin to look like those in magazines but offers products that make a difference is worth the hype. The Slather Exfoliating Body Serum by Topicals is available now!

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