Go Bold With These 10 Vibrant Eyeliner Pencils

A black cat-eye is a classic eye look in all its line variations, but imagine taking that wing to the next level with an electric boost of color. Though black liner is a makeup kit staple, try color coordinating your wing with your outfit, adding a pop of color to a neutral beat, or going graphic with intricate designs. The look possibilities are endless when you upgrade from your everyday black pencil.

What should you look for when purchasing a new color liner? Go for pigmented and opaque pencils that have rich and saturated color. Look for eyeliners made with a creamier formula for a smoother application. We need our beat to hold up from AM to PM, so look for 10+ hour long-wear that is smudge and waterproof. Depending on how you do your wings, you may want to opt for a thinner pencil tip for a more precise line? Or try a wider liner that could also double as an eyeshadow.

Whether you are looking to create beautiful liner murals or want to enhance your everyday wing with a pop of color, we have you covered. Here are the most elite eyeliner pencils in the game for striking pigment and long-lasting wear.


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