10 Moisturizing Shampoos That Will Leave Your Curls Soft And Hydrated

We all know wash day is an all-day affair. You have to pre-detangle, shampoo, rinse, repeat, condition, and then detangle for the next two hours before actually getting around to styling your hair. With this already time-consuming routine, you have to also worry about not further damaging your hair along the way. So what step in your wash day routine can cause damage? Shampooing with the wrong product can cause a domino effect of problems before your hair care regimen has even started. 

When shopping for your wash day duo, keep in mind the needs of your hair and what issues you have faced in the past that you would like to alleviate. While rinsing out your shampoo, do you notice that your tresses feel brittle and stripped? You try to replenish moisture back into the strands with your conditioner, but it only goes so far, making detangling and styling that much more strenuous and time-consuming.

If this sounds like something you have experienced in the past, consider going for a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo. 

So, why opt for a moisturizing shampoo? When washing your hair, that’s when it’s the most vulnerable and susceptible to damage with the curls drying out. That’s where a good moisturizing shampoo comes in. It can prevent excessive tangling, which can minimize breakage, and it won’t strip your strands of all their healthy oils, causing hair to feel rigid and frail. Let’s make wash day as stress-free as possible with an upgrade to moisturizing shampoo.

Ahead, we’ve pulled together ten of the best hydrating shampoos to bring new life back to your mane.

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