Ever since Wale’s Black Bonnie video featuring Ashley Blaine Featherson, we knew he was riding for us Queens.

So it’s no surprise he’s come with a new anthem. Released on Women’s Equality Day, Wale’s new single “BGM” (for Black Girl Magic, of course) references the Black women who inspire Wale — both personally and professionally. Paying homage to Issa Rae and Taraji P. Henson, the Washington, D.C. rapper acknowledges Black women’s specific hardships and delivers some encouragement.

“Sometime it be really so hard for ya, White boy paid more same job as you, The least I can do is write a song, Then I’ll ‘Mawwwh’ that part of you,” Wale raps on the song.

For Black women, Equal Pay Day is actually August 22, meaning they must work four months more than White women (and eight months into the “new” year) before earning as much as their White male counterparts made in 2018.

“BGM” comes on the heels of Wale’s previous single, “On Chill” feat. Jeremih, from his upcoming new album.

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Watch Wale’s “BGM” lyric video above.