‘Dear White People’ Star Ashley Blaine Featherson Is Queening In Wale’s ‘Black Bonnie’
WMG/Warner Bros.
D.C. emcee Wale is known for his versatile rap skills. He’s able to flip rhymes about everything from money to social movements, with his signature poetic flow. In his latest effort, Wale is championing the power of love. In the new video for “Black Bonnie,” Wale is joined by Dear White People star Ashley Blaine Featherson as they depict Black love through the ages. And she’s serving us lewks.
In the beautiful clip, viewers watch as the couple travels through time from ancient Africa to the 1960s as members of the Black Panther Party, and again in the 1990s as young lovers just trying to make it. Over on Instagram, Wale got all the way real about what’s stopped him from finding his “Black Bonnie” in the past. “I believe love is a long shot for some of us because our egos reject humility. But the lucky ones that find TRUE love understand you have to put absolute faith in it,” he wrote. “As the CEO founder inventor and reinventor of the ‘prideful ass n–ga federation’ I’ve ruined a lot of good things in my life because of said pride.” In spite of his past stumbles, Wale said he penned “Black Bonnie” to encourage people to believe in love. “I wrote this song for me (the maturation) and for she (the understanding my need for humility), he explained. “Allow yourself to put absolute faith in someone who deserves it.” We can totally get behind that.


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