It’s no secret that billionaire filmmaker Tyler Perry’s heart is as big as his bank account and his film’s box office numbers. Perry is just as well-known for his (not so) random acts of kindness as he is for being one of the most successful, self-made executives in Hollywood, and news of his good deeds just keep on coming.

Over the weekend, the world watched the late-night special event Oprah with Meghan and Harry. During the couple’s sit down with the TV giant they revealed lots of new information about their recent struggles. We learned that Perry had come to the aid of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they’d chosen to leave the Royal Family and flee to North America. During their time of need, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were staying in Canada and unclear on where they would live in America and how they were going to keep themselves and their son, Archie, safe without the financial support and security that came along with their royal positions.

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Perry came to the couple’s rescue and offered them the opportunity to stay at one of his homes in Southern California. He also paid for their security detail while they got settled into their new life in America. Perry has helped many a famous friend over the years and he’s also give back countless times to the Black community and people in need. Perry has paid funeral expenses for strangers who’ve suffered sudden tragedies, made generous six figure donations to help the homeless youth and communities displaced by hurricanes across the world, created scholarship and advancement opportunities for students, supported talented out of work actors who were struggling to make ends meets, and donated to the legal defense fund of Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker—and that’s merely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much Perry gives back.

The list of the many kind things he has done for others throughout his illustrious career to date is far too long to fit into just one article, but here’s a list of some of his most generous and unexpected gestures for the Black women in his world.


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