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Terry Crews Faces Backlash Over Controversial 'Black Supremacy' Comments

The "Brooklyn-Nine-Nine" star came under fire for a tone-deaf tweet he posted, urging against Black supremacy.

While Black folks have been protesting on the front lines to demand justice for George Floyd and to call for the eradication of police brutality and racism, there’s one man who is trying to caution us against “Black supremacy” in the process— actor Terry Crews.

The Brooklyn-Nine-Nine star came under fire for a tone-deaf tweet he posted Sunday, writing that White and Black people must work together to defeat White supremacy or else there is a risk of creating “Black supremacy.”

Of course, Black Twitter saw this as an opportunity to drag Crews for once again proving that he doesn’t stand with the plight of the people, and for his use of the term “Black supremacy,” which many feel isn’t valid ideology nor does it aid in the progression of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Celebrities even spoke out against crews, including his former Everybody Hates Chris costar Tyler James Williams, who played his son, Amanda Seales, and Orlando Jones.

After the swift backlash, Crews went on to clarify his comments, stating that what was said came from a “spirit of love and reconciliation.” 

He added, “I believe it is important we not suffer from groupthink, and we keep minds of our own, and be allowed to ask difficult questions to each other. I believe this dialogue is important as we get through this trauma together. I love you.”

Crews also oddly questioned critics who called him an Uncle Tom, saying that if they thought so, they’d be “a Black supremacist, because they have determined who’s Black and who is not.”

Just so that we’re all clear: White supremacy is the idea that White people are superior than other races and therefore should dominate society. So if the Black Lives Matter movement is successful, it wouldn’t create Black supremacy as Crews believes, because the movement’s aim is to gain equity not superiority.

This isn’t the first time this year that Black Twitter had to collectively drag Crews for his lack of support for “us.” The America’s Got Talent host previously faced questions when he was criticized for not supporting Gabrielle Union after she spoke out against racism on the set of the show. 

While celebrities and fans of the show supported Union after being fired, Crews praised the show and said he’d never experienced racism on set and it was “the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment.”

After experiencing a lashing from fans, he apologized to Black women and said, “I hear you, I respect you, and understand you,” without mentioning Union.