Gabrielle Union Claps Back At Terry Crews Saying ‘America’s Got Talent’ Was ‘Diverse’
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Gabrielle Union is not here for people dismissing her truth. The actress and producer sprinted into the Twitter streets to address Terry Crews’ recent comments on Today.

During his appearance on Thursday, Crews, who was a judge on America’s Got Talent with Union, commented on her claims that the culture of the show was toxic and racially insensitive. 

“That was never my experience on America’s Got Talent. In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment,” Crews said. “The top 10 acts were Asian, women, older, younger, Black, White. It was everything in the gamut.”

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Crews continued: “I can’t speak for sexism because I am not a woman, but I can speak on behalf of any racism comments.”

Racist jokes targeting the Asian community and comments that Union’s hairstyles were “too black,” were among the issues she reportedly raised in the workplace before learning that her contract would not be renewed. 

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — “Auditions 4” Episode 1404 — Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Terry Crews, Julianne Hough, Simon Cowell — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Crews said his wife was the reason he did not feel compelled to support his coworker by issuing a statement. “I believe you should listen to women — you should always believe women — so I asked my wife what I should do,” he said. “Because Gabrielle Union has not made any statement to this day about any of these allegations publicly…My wife said, ‘Well, if she hasn’t made a statement, why would you?” he added. He did not reveal why he felt compelled to comment on his differing experiences on television or imply his wife’s feelings about him doing so. 

Union responded swiftly by tweeting: “Why anyone would gleefully get up on TV and tell lies that NO ONE disputed… But we already know,” she wrote. 

“Maaaaaan… We all agreed to let the investigation be completed before speaking but if we doing this… ohhhhh baby let’s gooooooooooo!” 

She also pointed out that while Crews could easily point to the diversity viewers saw on screen in an effort to dismiss her experiences, it could not be denied that those in power on the show were not as diverse.

“Can someone please ask abt what happens to all that diversity folks are talking about BEHIND THE SCENES. Like, legit… where the hell is all that diversity in the production though homie? In the decision making ranks who control the fate of the diversity in front of the camera?”

She referenced the several witnesses who, she says, validated her claims in a Tweet thanking a well wisher for their continued support. “Thank u! Cuz girlllllll Truth telling, wanting change & having MULTIPLE witnesses who bravely came forward to let EVERYONE know I didn’t lie or exaggerate, really exposes those who enthusiastically will throw you under the bus, forgetting quickly who stepped up 4 THEIR truth.” 

Union then encouraged her followers to stand up for themselves after being presented with the story of a Texas teenager allegedly dealing with hair discrimination. “The policing, criticism, and all other forms of bullshit ass commentary about our hair… KEEP FIGHTING!!! They truly believe if you stay quiet, they’ve won. Don’t be quiet. Do not let this stand,” she wrote. 

When former America’s Got Talent host Julianne Hough appeared on Today, she stood in solidarity with Union. Said Hough, “We need to start conversations and I just commend Gabrielle for speaking her truth and starting a conversation.”


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