What to Watch this Spring

Spring Lineup

This past Saturday, March 20th, marked the official first day of spring! Not only does spring bring sunny days and cool breezes, but also a fresh lineup of new television shows for you to watch this season. Some of our favorite shows are back with more twists and turns, and there are few new shows that will make their debut this season. Whether it’s us watching Kimora live her self-proclaimed “fabulous life” with her new boo and son, or getting immersed in the drama surrounding the struggle of Katrina survivors, Spring TV 2010 will keep us consumed. Find out which shows are expected to be the most entertaining, and which you can wait for the Saturday repeats.

Monday: ‘Dancing With The Stars’

“Dancing With The Stars,” ABC, 8 PM EST Airs: March 22 Shout Outs: Chad Ochocinco, Nicey Nash The Info: Professional dancers are paired with “celebrities” to duke it out on the dance floor to see who has the best moves so they stay another week. Entertaining?: R&B singer Mya was so close last year, tune in to see if Nicey can bring it home for us.

Tuesday: ‘Glee’

“Glee,” FOX, Tues 9 PM EST Airs: April 13 Shout Outs: Amber Riley The Info: A genre-defying musical comedy that follows a group of glee club high school students, originally created for film. Entertaining?: After a 4 month hiatus, finally Broadway returns to your living room.

Tuesday: ‘Tiny and Toya’

“Tiny and Toya,” BET, 10 PM EST Airs: April The Info: The fiance of rapper T.I. and one of four of Lil Wayne’s baby’s mothers Entertaining?: If you find Toya’s mispronounced words, and see Tiny’s ever changing hair colors and ever moving lips entertaining, go ahead and put your feet up.

Wednesday: ‘America’s Next Top Model’

“America’s Next Top Model,” CW, 8PM EST Aired: March 10 Shout Outs: Tyra Banks and Andre Leon Talley The Info: Trya brings Talley, Vogue’s Editor-at-Large for ANTM’s 14th season. Women from around the U.S. go down the runway in the hopes of being crowned America’s Next Top Model and winning lucrative modeling and cosmetics contracts and a magazine fashion spread. Entertaining?: Even if it seems like your seeing the same season after season, Tyra has her audience addicted.

Wednesday: ‘Law and Order: SVU’

“Law and Order: SVU,” NBC, 9PM EST Aired: March 3 Shout Outs: Ice-T, Tamara Tunie The Info: A hard-hitting, emotionally charged drama that follows a unique group of NY police detectives through some of NYC’s toughest sex-related crimes. Entertaining?: Watch one episode and get hooked.

Wednesday: ‘Top Chef Masters’

“Top Chef Masters,” BRAVO, 10PM EST Airs: April 10 Shout Outs: Govind Armstrong The Info: Instead of the normal hometown contestants, world-renowned chefs humble themselves to compete for the title of Top Chef Master. Entertaining?: Don’t feel shamed if your eating a tuna sandwich while you watch. Your mouth will water and hopefully you’ll be inspired to step your own cooking game up.

Thursday: ‘Flash Forward’

“Flash Forward,” ABC, 8PM EST Airs: April 27 Shout Outs: Courtney B. Vance The Info: A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously, and each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now. When they wake up, everyone is left wondering if they can change their future. Entertaining?: The more personal the future events, the better the show will be.

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Thursday: ‘The Real McCoy’

“The Real McCoy,” TV1, 9PM EST Airs: April 1 The Info: Actress Lisa Raye lets cameras follow her through the mess that her very public and overly dramatic affair and divorce last year left behind. Entertaining?: Lisa Raye aka Diamond, has no brakes, but we admit, we’ll watch simply because the words secret and private mean nothing to her.

Friday: ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

“Say Yes to the Dress,” TLC, 9PM EST Airs: April 23 Shout Outs: Keasha Rigsby The Info: The 30-minute show is back for its fifth season following brides-to-be seeking the perfect wedding dress in the premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld.

Sunday:’ Sunday’s Best’

“Sunday’s Best,” BET, Sunday 9PM EST Airs: April 4 Shout Outs: Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Erica and Tina Campbell The Info: BET’s hit singing competition, SUNDAY BEST returns for a third season of higher praise and tougher competition with new judges and contestants. Entertaining?: American Idol has nothing on these sannnngers, chile.

Sunday: ‘Kimora Life in the Fab Lane’

“Kimora Life in the Fab Lane,” STYLE, 9PM EST Airs: April 11 The Info: Kimora Lee Simmons returns with a son and new boo for her third installment of her reality series. Entertaining?: If you find a former model, business mogul doing everything to prove her life is better than yours entertaining, tune in.

Sunday: ‘Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business’

“Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business,” VH1, 9PM EST Airs: April 11 The Info: Entertainment siblings Ray J and Brandy give audiences a glimpse into the Norwood family unit, including momager, Sonja, and father, Willie. Entertaining?: We’re not too sure how captivating this will be, but we love Brandy, and it’s good to see her come out of hiding.

Sunday: ‘Basketball Wives’

“Basketball Wives,” VH1, 10PM EST Airs: April 11 The Info: Shaunie O’Neal, Shaq’s ex wife, puts her producer hat on to bring the insider life of the wives, girlfriends and a few ex-wives of some of the biggest NBA ballers in the game. These ladies live the life–good, bad and ugly. Entertaining?: Technically the cast isn’t comprised of all wives, but should be a good watch regardless.

Sunday: ‘Treme’

“Treme,” HBO, 10PM EST Airs: April 11 Shout Outs: Wendell Pierce, Rob Brown, Khandi Alexander, Clarke Peters The Info: The drama series explores and captures musicians and other New Orleans local residents attempting to rebuild their lives three months after Hurricane Katrina. Entertaining?: This show is highly anticipated. HBO knows how to do drama.

Sunday: ‘What Chilli Wants’

“What Chilli Wants,” VH1, 10:30PM EST Airs: April 11 Shout Outs: Tionna Smalls The Info: Following the 1/3 of singing sensation TLC on her journey to find a good man and not a scrub. Entertaining?: First Pep, now Chilli? Really though?

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