Skai Jackson doesn’t have time for haters.

The actress has been hitting events at New York Fashion Week and rocking some cool looks, but it seems not everyone’s a fan.

Earlier this week, Jackson took over Teen Vogue‘s Instagram as she headed to the Escada show, sporting a fun pink wig at the event. The actress celebrated the moment on her own account, where one user decided to share their unsolicited opinion about Jackson’s hair and complexion.

“Looks terrible on you honestly. Makes you look darker,” a commenter wrote. However, Jackson, who has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Azealia Banks, responded, “I’m sure I saw the doll version of you on the clearance aisle at the dollar store.”

Jackson told Teen Vogue that she found the comments about her skin and hair “very confusing.”

“I was really surprised to see the comments on social media that were being said about my decision to try out a new hair color and style,” she said. “Some people thought that pink hair was not age-appropriate for me or that it didn’t match my skin color, which I found very confusing.”

The actress added that she understands that some people haven’t gotten used to the idea that she’s “no longer the young ‘Zuri’ everyone has grown to love,” but expressed her need to grow and mature.

“I’m growing, I’m maturing and finding myself at 16 years old discovering the joys and pains of the world we live in. I would only ask that before you throw shade, you stop and think about all the people who have ever said something negative about you or someone you love, and how that made you or them feel. Fashion is about trying out new things and having fun, and me and my stylist, Zadrian Smith, are going to keep doing just that. Pink hair for everyone!”

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