<p>7 Azealia Banks Feuds That Had The Internet Talking</p>


Azealia Banks will always find a way to make herself relevant, even if she isn’t putting out new music.

Every couple of months the Harlem-bred rapper manages to stir up drama on Twitter. Earlier this week she called Cardi B, who currently has the number one song in the country, “the poor man’s Nicki Minaj.”

Fortunately, Cardi B had her receipts ready, responding with a video of Azealia Banks appearing to dance to her hit track. It comes with the caption: “One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1 cuz even the HATERS LOVE IT!!”

Banks has picked Twitter fights with industry newcomers and OGs. She once told Nicki Minaj in a Facebook post that she needed to “slim down a bit and decrease [her] butt size.” And, she went after 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson after the actress called her out for a racist and homophobic rant against singer Zayn Malik.

It’s all really messy, so we’ve rounded up some of the Azealia’s beefs and placed them in the video above.