Regina King Doesn’t Mind Making People ‘Uncomfortable’ With Her Movies
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Regina King wants to get to the truth — even if that means making a few people uncomfortable. The If Beale Street Could Talk actress appeared on BuzzFeed News’ Profile, where she talked about pursuing projects that force people to open their minds.
“I like to see people uncomfortable,” she said. “I think that that’s when you get really to the truth.” She added that a few people who’d seen If Beale Street Could Talk — where she portrays Sharon Rivers, a mother trying to look out for her impregnated daughter — later approached her to say that they’d had an “awakening” after viewing the film. “I feel like comfort zones are where dreams go to die. So, that’s what I mean by ‘I like when people are uncomfortable,’ because I feel like you’re having an awakening,” she explained.


The 47-year-old actress recently told ESSENCE that she fell in love with Jenkins’ movie adaption of James Baldwin’s 1974 novel because it showcases the entire spectrum of love. “What Barry has done with Mr. Baldwin’s words is just phenomenal—the way he’s created visual symphonies showing all the different intimacies and intricacies of love,” said King. “So often we talk about love, and we just think that’s between a man and a woman,” she added. “But in this you see the love story between sisters, a father and daughter, and two older men, and you see how love has gotten them through life. It’s just absolutely beautiful to me.” If Beale Street Could Talk opens in theaters December 14.