R. Kelly Gives Fans 28-Second Performance, Begs Press To ‘Take It Easy’ On Him
Scott Olson/Getty Images

R. Kelly recently gave his loyal supporters a 28-second performance and a 30-minute meet and greet at a local club in Illinois.

During the meet and greet inside the Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois, the embattled singer posed for selfies with fans and thanked them for supporting him through his most recent round of sexual assault charges.

Kelly is currently facing multiple counts of sexual assault charges due to the discovery of another video where he is allegedly having sex with a teenage girl.

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Prior to the abbreviated performance, Kelly posted a video to his Instagram page pleading with the media to “take it easy” on him when witnessing him enjoying himself in the club.

In the video he essentially admits that the appearance was a brazen cash grab.  

“This is how I gotta get paid now, for right now,” he says, later referring to the appearance as a “party” and an “event,” not a concert.

Local TV stations WICS and WRSP reported that the 100 people who arrived at the 450-capacity club to see the singer were initially required to pay a $100 entrance fee that was lowered to $50 once Kelly arrived at the venue at 1:30 a.m.

The stations reported that some of Kelly’s die-hard fans commented that they felt what Kelly offered wasn’t worth the $100 they spent and that they wouldn’t pay the fee again if given the chance.

They also allegedly stated that they separated the accusations from the “artist,” and that’s why they chose to attend.

Kelly and his legal team continues to deny all accusations of sexual assault and abuse against him.


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