Oprah Shares Weight Loss Tips and Tricks With Fans

Yesterday, several lucky fans got to chat with Oprah during promo for the Weight Watchers Connect app. As the company’s official spokesperson, Oprah talked to each member on the call about their weight loss journey, she even shared a few of her own tips. 

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“I basically eat exactly what I want and if I can’t figure out what the points are…I just say I’m going to pass on that. If I can’t begin to measure the points, I usually pass.”

She also swapped tricks with callers discussing ways to jazz up meals like spaghetti squash, adding,

“If you put just a few noodles in with the spaghetti squash, just a few, like a little mixture…like two points worth of noodles instead of five points worth of noodles, it’s a lot more satisfying.”

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It seems the media mogul is also a big fan of swapping out potatoes for cauliflower to make cauliflower mash and has been eating a lot of seafood this year. The callers also discussed the importance of drinking enough water, something Oprah admitted to not doing enough of, but she did share that whenever she feels like reaching for a less than healthy snack she takes a moment to think.

“I literally take a deep breath to remind myself that I am here right now and what’s going on right here with me does not have to overwhelm me.”

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It all seems to be working. Oprah’s healthy lifestyle combined with Weight Watchers has helped the OWN chairwoman and CEO lose 30 pounds. 

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