Nicole Byer Is Pretty Sure She Woke A Guy Up Once With A Fart
Nicole Byer’s hilarious podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me?, has the comedienne taking listeners on a hilarious ride as she retells her dating escapades, including all of the juicy sex and hook-up details. But of course, it’s packed full of advice we can all take home. So what’s the most embarrassing thing the actress, who’s now starring in Smirnoff’s new Fun% Campaign, ever done in bed? “I think the most embarrassing thing I’ve done with someone I didn’t know very well is fart,” Byer told ESSENCE. “I was like, ‘I have to fart, I think it’s a small little toot.’ Then I farted and it was truly, like, a sheet-raising fart,” she continued. “I looked at him and got my face really close to his face to make sure he was sleeping, but I’m 100 percent sure I woke him up.” Hey, it could have been worse!
Now Byer is waking up fans thanks to Smirnoff. She stars in their new campaign with Ted Danson, as he shares in a commercial that the brand is the “most awarded vodka brand in the decade,” and he can relate since he’s an award winner. Meanwhile, Byer is seen holding one of Danson’s awards in the commercial, which hilariously reads, “Gentlest Lover,” which leaves the actor naturally embarrassed. Byer called working with Danson “amazing,” describing him as the “nicest man in America.” However, the comedian added that she won’t be showing off any trophies of her own because she’s never won anything, ever. “I’ve always been a mediocre student, so I never won an award in school. I’m not very athletic, so I’ve never won a sports award. So, I’m a mediocre person,” she joked.
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While Byer has never won an award, we wouldn’t call her mediocre. The comedian does an amazing job as host of Netflix’s Nailed It; makes us laugh with her series Loosely Exactly Nicole; and entertains with her hilarious dating podcast. Smirnoff’s Fun% Campaign also stars our fav Laverne Cox, Queer Eye,’s Jonathan Van Ness and The Office‘s Jenna Fischer.


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