Nicole Byer’s ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’ Is The Hilarious Series You Should Binge Next

Loosely Exactly Nicole, from comedian and actress Nicole Byer, is helping Facebook become the place for comedy.

The series, which first aired on MTV, is a step in the right direction for the social networking giant, which has moved into entertainment with shows like Loosely Exactly Nicole and Quinta Brunson’s Quinta Vs. Everything

Facebook Watch picked up Loosely Exactly Nicole last year for a 10-episode second season that proves the show definitely has the range. “My show had been canceled. There was an executive at MTV named Mina Lefevre who left and went to Facebook,” Byer tells ESSENCE. “She called my people and was like, ‘We kinda wanna do another season of Loosely Exactly Nicole.’”

The show’s second season sees Nicole getting more of a grasp on her love life as she and bestie/roommate Devin continue to find themselves in absurd, but relatable, situations as they navigate life. She takes cyberstalking to a new level, competes for a promotion, and she lands the man and job of her dreams.

Still, season two’s “O Canada” still leaves from for questions and a possible third season, “I’ve already thought about the arc with Josh and where I’d like that to go” Byer says.  “And Derrick.” Both character’s play love interests in the show. 

Refreshing, fun, and a little quirky, Loosely Exactly Nicole is comedy gem not to be missed. Check out seasons one and two on Facebook Watch

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