Naomi Osaka Has A Crush On Michael B. Jordan And We Don’t Blame Her
Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage
Newly minted tennis champion Naomi Osaka is still on a high from her U.S. Open win over her idol, Serena Williams. While the match ended in controversy, thanks to an overzealous chair umpire, Osaka established herself as a possible heir to Williams’ throne. With the title comes loads of opportunities, like sitting down with TV’s most popular daytime host, Ellen DeGeneres.
During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Osaka admitted that actor Michael B. Jordan is her celebrity crush — though she didn’t know his real name. She only knew him as his Black Panther character, Erik Killmonger. Of course, DeGeneres couldn’t just keep the information to herself, so she asked Osaka if she wanted her to hook her up with Jordan. “No. I’m okay, thank you,” an embarrassed Osaka told the host. Still, DeGeneres snapped a selfie with Osaka and texted it to the Black Panther star. And…he responded. “Naomi, it’s Michael B. I just wanted to say congratulations. Ellen hit me up and told me she was having you on the show, so I just wanted to send my love and support,” the actor said. “It’s a big moment for you….Keep being great,” he added before signing off. While Osaka appreciated Jordan’s personal message, she also admitted it made her even more flustered. “Ok. It’s time for me to leave this planet,” she tweeted. “Embarrassment level has reached critical stage.” During their conversation, DeGeneres also asked the 20-year-old athlete what Williams said to her after their match at Arthur Ashe Stadium as the crowd rained down a chorus of boos. Apparently, Williams — who’d vociferously challenged the official’s handling of the match — comforted the newly crowned champion. “She said she was proud of me. And that I should know that the crowd wasn’t booing at me,” Osaka recounted. “So I was really happy. “ That’s what Black sisterhood looks like!